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How do I install snow fence?

When it comes to installing snow fence, it's most important to understand snow drift control. Determining wind direction and placing a well-installed snow fence can do wonders for stopping that snow drift from clouding your driveway.

Principle of controlling a snow drift:

First and foremost, a snow fence is designed to CREATE snow drifts, not prevent them. Snow fences ultimately perform as windbreaks, causing the snow to be deposited as snow drifts when the wind slows down.

Basics of drift control are:

1. Keep the wind blowing or moving.
2. Slow the wind speed down with snow fence where snow drifts are wanted.
3. The higher the snow fence is off the ground (still less than 2 ft.), the further away the drift will start. If the snow fence is placed on the ground, the snow fence will be buried with the snow drift.
4. Proper installation is critical to success.

Check out this link for proper snow fence installation instructions.